Qirab™ Conservation Cradle - QCC50

An open-source manuscript repair support hardware design


The Qirab™ Conservation Cradle is an open-source book support design intended to securely hold books open during conservation treatment, scientific analysis, documentation, and preservation works. It facilitates a hands-free holding of the book in a stable and adjustable position without extreme pressure.

Qirab Conservation Cradle version 1

The plans for the QCC50 are freely available for anyone to contruct their own cradle. It is built from commodity materials and 3D printed parts.

Qirab Conservation Cradle with Tyvek Tool


The concept of the Qirab™ Conservation Cradle was inspired by the work of Roger S. Williams1 and the team at Northwestern University on the Adaptable Conservation Book Support2 and the subsequent 3D printed upgrades done at the Auckland War Memorial Museum3.

Jeff Peachy designed a similar “book fixture”4 for conservation work which he sells as a comercial product.


The design of the Qirab™ Conservation Cradle uses a 20mm aluminum profile frame mounted with 3D printed hinges onto a wood base. The base provides a clean and stable working surface where various 3D printed tools can be attached.

Qirab Conservation Cradle with light

Qirab Conservation Cradle adustablility

The 3D printed tools include a tool holder, a cold-shoe light mount, spatulas, rods, gray card holder and a magnetic tyvek/mylar strap holder. All are designed to be conservation safe for use on manuscripts or rare books.

Close up detail view of Qirab Conservation Cradle tools

The tools are stored within two compartments in the cradle for easy storage and transport.

Qirab Conservations Cradle Internal Tool Strage


The CAD designs, 3D printable files, Bill of Materials, and Assembly Instructions for how to build the Qirab™ Conservation Cradle QCC50 are available on the Qirab Github.

QDC50 ZIP Download

Qirab™ Conservation Cradle CAD

We are open to including community improvements or tool designs in future versions of the conservation cradle.


The Qirab™ Conservation Cradle design is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License

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